How Good Is The Digital Health Of Your Business? – Part 2

How Good Is The Digital Health Of Your Business? – Part 2

How Good Is The Digital Health Of Your Business? – Part 2

This phase too shall pass, and we will be back to regular business.

As a reminder, in Part 1 of this article, I had given a few tips on how to check if your website is up to date and in line with today’s online needs.  I also gave some insights on SEO

In continuation, and for the benefit of small and medium businesses, here are a few tips to help you with your social media presence.

But before we start, here’s something to read that I had written a long time ago –The Ultimate Social Media Starter Kit for those who missed the bus!

The article explains in a simple format which platforms do you need to start getting on social media.

I am going to add a little more information to the blog.  To start with a few notes:-

  • Facebook Profile and Facebook Business Page are two different entities. I have seen some businesses make a profile in the name of their business. Profiles have limited reach, while pages could be boosted to reach a broader audience.
  • Though Facebook owns Instagram, the two audiences on both platforms are different, what works on Facebook may not work on Instagram and vice-versa.
  • Your product or service may be suitable for both the platforms, but tweak your content to resonate with the audience.
  • LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. Keep your language professional and your posts relevant to your business.
  • Choose your LinkedIn connections wisely.
  • Google owns Youtube, so having a Youtube channel makes sense to rank higher in the Google search engine.
  • Video marketing forms nearly 80% of social media content, so invest time in creating related videos.
  • While going live on Insta or FB, please ensure the quality of your audio and video. Your attempts will fail if your audience does not experience an excellent live session.
  • Podcasts are great marketing tools and simple to create. However, please ensure that your practice well on your voice and tone to resonate with your listeners.

Here is a list of Free tools you can make to use great social media content:-

  1. For Creative Visuals on social media:-
    • Canva: Choose from tons of readymade templates according to the relevant social media post. Use your creativity.
    • Pexels: Loads of lovely photographs to choose from. Images here are free for commercial use, but it is better to give credit.
    • Freepik: Again, thousands of images and vectors you can choose from.
    • Piktochart: Excellent for infographics. The free version is suitable for starters.
    • Giphy: Tell your story with some animation. Lots of free gif images to choose from.

There are too many free tools out there to choose from, but for small businesses and startups, the above list is good enough to work upon.  For those you want to indulge in more, here’s an article from Hootsuite to explore more tools.

  1. For animated video content:-
    • Animoto: This is a free drag and drop video creator. You can create great videos with your existing pictures, video clips, personalize it, and share it.
    • Doodly: Create whiteboard videos with this tool. Great for information sharing, process sharing, or any kind of explanatory information.
    • Toonly: Create incredibly animated videos using pre-designed characters. Ideal for small and medium business owners to showcase their products or services engagingly.

Disclaimer: Doodly and Toonly are paid but quite reasonable.

While I have given you quite some options to start creating great content with minimum investment, the most critical investment to make social media work for you is your TIME. Give it your best shot. Have patience. Keep trying to win big.

A final word of caution – please ensure that the tools or software that you use are from reliable sources and secured sites.  Ensure your systems are well-protected antivirus/anti-malware tools and not vulnerable to frauds or hackers.

I have loved writing these articles for you.  If you have enjoyed reading it, share them within your contact spheres as a token of appreciation.

If your business has a digital presence and you are already using a service provider, you could reach out to us for a digital market audit to ensure that your investments are working well for you.  Write to us.

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