E-Commerce has changed the way millions of people shop. Managing a business, especially as progressive as e-commerce, can be stressful. It requires strategy, vision, and day-to-day minute supervision.

So how simple is it being on E-Commerce?

  • Create an account.
  • Upload your products.
  • Wait for the results.

Well, if it were that simple, then the present beeline to get listed on e-commerce portals would be a chaotic, unimaginable, and non-manageable affair.

Let me get you back to reality.

E-Commerce Management is beyond uploading your product catalog on the portals. It calls for an effective marketing plan wherein a specific budget needs to be allocated to a portal for carrying out marketing activities, which in turn would lead to sales.

We at ARGUS CMPO manage your e-commerce backend operations on behalf of you and your brand. The Backend operations include:

  • Managing Listings & uploading products
  • Creating A+ content for E-Commerce
  • Creating Store Page for your products on the relevant sites
  • Drafting a marketing calendar with appropriate budgets
  • Finding the right logistics partner
  • Follow-up on POs
  • Sales Analysis
  • Search Engine marketing on portals like Amazon & Flipkart

The benefits of outsourcing your e-commerce backend operations are as follows:

  • Focus on your core
  • Lesser Investment
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduction of Risk
  • More Innovation
  • Exposure to Latest Technology
  • Engaging Marketing Strategies

Indian ecommerce is expected to reach $200 Bn value by 2026. Would you like to get a share of this evolving marketplace? Get a Quote