Argus CMPO is a premier marketing agency in Mumbai with expertise in Digital Marketing. We help our clients to get high visibility through a structured digital presence. We help online users to get engaged in your brand through integrated social media solutions.

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C business, we identify, connect, and communicate with your target consumers. Argus CMPO is the best digital marketing agency to market your brands because we align our success with your mission.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM including Bing & Yahoo), are some of the keywords of our execution. Guess what; I have used them in a way that our page is found organically too. It’s a part of our SEO strategy, and we are doing it for ourselves also. 😊

Our teams sit and deep dive into the client’s website to ensure both on-page and off-page optimization. We do not believe in keyword stuffing, and so our SEO efforts are not limited to number of keywords. We do whatever it takes to optimize the website content.

Well, we are beyond impressions, clicks, CTRs, or quality score. As much as it is important for a PPC campaign, we ensure that we start with the end in mind. So crafting a PPC strategy is a structured process at Argus – We begin with the client’s objective and then design the search Ad or display ads with well-researched content. Get a Quote

Executing a digital marketing strategy is a daily process; we repeat – a daily process. Take your eyes off the goal or your competition, and the blink could cost you your brand development. Well, the ‘blink’ not in literal terms, but yes, constant vigil is a given.

So what are the things we keep our eyes on?

  • Engagement with your target audience.
  • Acceptance of your brand voice (or we change it for you)
  • Online Reputation (because your damage is our damage)
  • The leads funnel (how many leads have fallen down that funnel pipe and at what price)
  • Which geography are you most searched in? (Yes, you need to know that you may be a most loved brand in Timbaktu, but that is not your target geography)

These are just a few parameters to give you a feeling that an excellent execution leads to great results. Get a Quote

Let us ask you – how do you generate quality leads?

  • Through Cold calling? Telecallers are not welcome. You know that, right?
  • Through SMS blasts? Well, SMS are suitable for providing information but seldom capture quality leads for you.
  • Through Email blasts? Consumers are smarter than you think. Their emails are configured to recognize spam, and you really cannot measure accurate when it is a blast.
  • Through trade directories? Well, not all of your target audiences are savvy of trade directories.

And businesses who use the above tools are getting leads too, and so all the above tools do exist.

At Argus CMPO, a lead generation company, our lead generation process is technology-driven with proven results.

Whether its email marketing, social media lead funnel, or search engine ads – we measure every penny spent and keep modifying the content until the result is achieved. Get a Quote

Every business should take content development seriously.

Whether you pen words for B2B or B2C audience, your content should address the pain points of your audience’s needs. Only then, you have achieved a great content development strategy.

We at Argus CMPO are experts in content development, and we believe content should reflect you in the following areas:

  • Product quality and/or differentiators
  • Education on the application of your product or service
  • Endorsements in the form of testimonials
  • Subject matter expertise.

The main areas where we have a strong foothold in terms of content development are:

  • Website content
  • Visual Graphics
  • Video production
  • Blog Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Newsletter Development
  • Interactive Emailer content

The right Content can catapult your business in the digital world from ‘an unknown’ entity to ‘global recognition.’ Get a Quote