Argus CMPO is more than just a marketing agency. It acts as an extension of a client’s marketing team. Marketing is a constant part of brand building. Marketing is what transforms a product or a service into a Brand. It engages the consumer to experience the brand values & concepts. We provide a 360° Marketing approach supported by successful execution and measurable results.

As part of our Consultancy, we offer the following services to help your brand grow in the Indian market:

A product or service in its entirety becomes a ‘Brand’ when it has created its visual identity, has a high recall value, built its equity, delivered its service promise, and has made inroads to its competitor’s secure spaces. And who builds a Brand? Of course, your end consumer.

When was the last time you performed a reality check on your Brand’s performance? Get your Brand Audit done from Argus CMPO and get an unbiased review of how you stand in the eyes of your consumers as well as your competitors.

Here’s what we cover in Brand Audit: –

  • Strategy Review
  • Review of Marketing Research
  • Brand Communications
  • Employee Interviews
  • Brand Positioning
  • Customer Analysis

Our audit report helps you examine your brand’s current position in the market compared to its competitors and a review of its effectiveness. It is useful in determining the strength of your brand with its weaknesses or variances and opportunities for improvement and development. Get a Quote

Compliance enforces your companies financial audit. And what does it do? It determines the companies current fiscal performance and gives a direction for improvement.

At Argus CMPO, we highly recommend an annual marketing audit for your business if you are engaged in marketing activities.

A marketing audit helps the firm to determine how well the marketing activities are carried out by the marketing department and how does your marketing efforts contribute to the overall performance of the organization. It is a crucial tool for assessing marketing goals and objectives.

Our marketing audit services cover the following:

  • Evaluation of your marketing goals and objective.
  • Evaluation of your communication plan.
  • A comprehensive study of the company’s marketing activities
  • Evaluation of the company’s marketing environment (internal & external)
  • Evaluation of the company’s market segmentation
  • Evaluation of marketing budget allocated
  • Evaluation of marketing spend v/s activities carried
  • Evaluation of Marketing Calendar for brand building
  • Recommendations thereof

Like a financial audit, it is highly recommended to use third-party services for your marketing Audit. Get a Quote

Market Research is not a one time process a growing business should consider doing a research atleast once in 3 years. Business environment is ever evolving and developing businesses should stay abreast of its latest developments.

At Argus CMPO, a marketing research company, we gather information about your business’s buyers personas, target audience, and customers to determine how viable and successful your product or service would be among these people.

Our Marketing Research includes but is not limited to the following regarding your business:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Testing
  • Advertising Testing
  • Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis
  • Brand Awareness and Reach
  • Pricing Research

Market Research gives you a clear idea of your target audience, its demographics, opinions, and attitudes towards your brand, your products, and services. Get a Quote

Have you ever travelled without making a plan or go on a vacation without an itinerary ? If yes, then you would have aimlessly wandered without any goal to reach.

Try applying this to your business. A business without a business plan is same as travelling without knowing your goal, you can either be right or wrong as there is always two sides to a coin. A business plan is the document that serves as a roadmap that provides direction to the business.

We help you build a business plan that would address the following:

  • Setting out your business’s future objective and strategies thereof for achieving them.
  • Make it your communication tool to attract investment capital, loans.
  • Attract strategic business partners
  • Set a roadmap to your company’s employees.
  • Helps the directors in decision making as the plan includes market analysis, competition analysis, organization structure, sales, investments and financial projections.

We love numbers and analysis. We do the work while you take the final decisions for your business. Get a Quote

Should I hire or outsource? It is the question that most startups struggle with as they seek to scale up rapidly and that too being cost-effective. As the startup owners knows that marketing their product is the most direct path to growth in sales and revenue

An outsourced CMO can provide the experience required to create, define, build, manage and execute the multitude of tactics needed to achieve your business goals.

Top reasons to hire a outsourced CMO for organizations:

  • Experience and Competence
  • Budget/ To reduce costs
  • Gaps in skills and capabilities
  • Need for Industry and Market Expertise
  • Strategic Development
  • Tactical Management and Oversight
  • Advice and Consulting with Leadership
  • Urgency to drive initiatives or deliver critical projects

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