A ‘Beautiful’ career choice – The Beauty & Wellness Industry

A ‘Beautiful’ career choice – The Beauty & Wellness Industry

A ‘Beautiful’ career choice – The Beauty & Wellness Industry

Are you in love with colors? Do you love creating magic with colors? Then paint a face. Be a Make-up artist. Get into the world of Fashion, Drama, Films and work on some of the most gorgeous faces under the sun.

Does sculpting make you happy? Then sculpt a body. Be a fitness trainer. From a personal trainer to an Aerobics instructor to Zumba, Pilates, yoga – all of these different forms just do one thing – It sculpts a beautiful body.

Does beautiful hair make you go crazy? Then style a woman’s hair. Be a hairstylist or a Colorist. A hairstylist works his fingers on your hair using tools like scissors, crimpers and many more to give your face that perfect hair. If you think a colorist is one who mixes on counter hair colors and colors your hair to hide your greys – think again. Hair Coloring is mathematics and mixing the right pantones to suit your hair and skin is just not another job! It calls for precision. A hair color well done transforms your complete look. Does this excite you? I bet you are already thinking of a career option in Hair culture!

Oh! And does helping a stressed person relax through a good spa massage make you feel a good human being? Then go for a Spa & Salon Manager’s position.Own or manage your own salon and take control of your future!

A Spa & Salon has lots of opportunities for great technicians – Be a manicurist, pedicurist, facial artist, a masseuse or simply an aroma therapist who can calm your senses and pamper you to some stress free moments. Imagine you being that technician and getting the blessings of the pampered guest.

In plain words, simply turn your skills into careers……

Well if the above careers excite you; wait till you know the plethora of opportunities in the Beauty and Wellness sectors. You can shape your creativity and passion into a career and be successful in it. Your beauty career could involve many different paths and routes. You could work in your local community or travel the world with a cruise line. You could focus exclusively on one area like hair or nails. Or you could perform many services every day ranging from hair coloring to skin care.

Let’s get away from beauty services into beauty products. Do you know the final beauty product that you see on the shelf – whether a fragrance, makeup or skincare starts with a basic idea which is then developed by the relevant people.

To get the best fragrance, a perfumer juggles between many compositions to arrive at a final scent. If you love sniffing essential oils and essences then ‘a Nose’ is your career path. The composition goes through various production cycles and finally reaches the marketing department. If you love communications and like to engage with beauty consumers, a Marketing Manager is your career call.

Similarly in the production of skincare and makeup where compositions are key to the success of the final product, students with chemistry and production / manufacturing engineering have huge prospects. There are huge opportunities also in the claims substantiating firms.

The possibilities in this industry are seemingly limitless. These are not simply the run on the mill jobs. They need skilled people to bring out the best results.

For those who are willing to work in the beauty industry, your jobs are a vision fulfilled every single day. You work with wonderful people, you love the products and you just get to be a part of some of the most creative projects out there.

To all those talented artistes out there- Be proud of what you are doing. Love your career and just keep enhancing your skills. You could be the next big celebrity artiste in the country.

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